One of the most influential musicians for me was Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails.

In high school, when I got my first copy of his first album, Pretty Hate Machine, I couldn’t believe that one person, and one person alone was responsible for the music. It was the first time that it clicked in my head that I could make music for myself, and not have to rely on other musicians when I had my own “machines” at my disposal.

Of course, it took years and some tutoring from other synth enthusiasts to figure the damn things out. It also took speaking out about my HIV status at 20 to get the nerve to sing in public, but not acknowledging Trent’s influence would be a major oversight.

I haven’t been a loyal NIN’er over the last decade or so, though I did buy his latest album, the one he was giving away for free. I know too many poor musicians to take him up on the offer, plus, I had to pay for being an absentee fan for so long.

Also, when I heard that his was coming to Charlottesville, the day after the election, I figured I’d buy the Rage Insurance, just in case things didn’t go the way I hoped it would.

Here’s an example of what Trent gave, those offended by curse words should not view. (It’s “Closer”, the “I want to *$#@ you like an animal” song)

That’s not me yelling like a fool, by the way, I just found this clip on YouTube. No way I’d go on the floor, I am fragile. Oh, speaking of fragile, I’ve gotten many messages asking about my well-being, seems that people heard that a Decker was bitten by Barney.

That was Jon Decker, not Shawn Decker. Also, it was Barney, the First Dog, and not Barney the big purple dinosaur. Here’s the video of a reporter who got too close to the action.

Man, I’d be so rich if Barney the Dinosaur bit me. Can you imagine? The question is, would a thinblood survive the attack to cash in with the lawsuit? I, for one, wouldn’t want to take that chance.

Positively Yours,