Homo: 6 out of 7

Hemo: 0 out of 4

oscar.jpg For ten years, I have held my own in the Hemo2Homo Connection. Sure, I’ve heard the whispers, that Steve has the eye for the movies. That he lives in Hollywood so he knows the ins and outs. That I’m just some hick kid from Virginia riding on his partner’s drug cocktail coattails.

The Oscars were my firewall. And yesterday was my chance to prove that I belonged, that I could compete with my more knowledgeable movie-review partner.

I failed. I’m not sure if I can live with that.

Viral Load Update

Got the results from my viral load test, which registered at under 50 copies after a week on meds. Which is fine. My doc said it’s unclear as to the long-term affects of a persistent/miniscule amount of viral load, the big concern being drug resistance.

But my t-cells are higher than they’ve ever been, and my viral load hasn’t been above 200 in seven years, barring my silly decision to go off meds to finish My Pet Virus, which landed me in the hospital three years ago.

So, I’m sticking to the plan. I feel good about my treatment regimen of week on/week off, and today I’m starting a week off. I’m not traveling, am getting over a cold, and am hard at work on the next book...

That’s it! Steve beat me at the Oscars because I have a tiny amount of viral load. I was distracted by the cold as well, and made my predictions during a week on meds.

I can live with that.

Positively Yours,