Last week God was asked for rain- and lots of it- by James Dobson and his cronies at Focus on the Family. The purpose? To rain on Barack Obama’s parade.

Well, Mother Nature bitchslapped the request, and Obama gave his speech as beautiful weather surrounded him, almost in protest to the wishes. Either that or God did listen? He put the requests on a sticky note, got on a serious roll on World of Warcraft, and then scrambled to whip up the storm and get it to Mother Nature in time.

gustav.jpgCould procrastination- one of humankind’s most abundant traits- also plague the Big Guy? It could be a coincidence, but if Hurricane Gustav is a belated answer to those silly misguided prayers, then God help us all.

Wait, never mind.

Positively Yours,


PS... in all seriousness, I hope that Hurricane Gustav does as little damage as possible.