It’s true, Synthetic Division is heading to L.A. My longtime pal, Josh, whom I wrote about in My Pet Virus, is filling in for Marshall, the keyman for Synthetic Division.


Today I was being pretentious and writing at a coffee shop when Gwenn called. “Hey, I have a crazy idea- you have to talk me out of it.” I’m all for crazy ideas, so I was intrigued. “I want to get the neon sign to L.A... is that stupid?”

No! It’s not! Expensive? Probably. But hell, how many times does a boy get to play in L.A.? And what’s a Synthetic Division show without the third, unofficial member, anyway? It would be like seeing Van Halen without Roth, or Wings without McCartney, or American Idol without the magic that was Sanjaya.

It would feel so weird to sing the song “Sign” without the sign back there, glowing it’s magnificent glow.

By the way- the set is happening this Saturday, at 10 PM at The Galaxy Gallery on Melrose.

Gotta admit, I’m bummed that Steve of the Hemo2Homo Connection is traveling while I’m going to be on his stomping grounds... we could have really gone to a movie together, and talked through the whole thing because we can. Because we have AIDS and we are the H2H.

But, in all honesty, the reason for booking the trip in the first place wasn’t to ruin a movie-goer’s experience, or to rock out some synthpop on Melrose. It is to meet the guy who is currently writing the screenplay for My Pet Virus: the Movie. We’ve spoken on the phone and been in contact via email, he’s a very cool guy and I’m excited to hear what he has to say about how it’s coming along.

I just hope he’s writing with Bruce Willis in mind, that’s all. I still say that’s the only guy who can play Shawn Decker on the big (or little) screen.

Speaking of little screens, here’s so movie-making magic I’ve captured in recent months. This first vid was at the airport in Charlotte, one of modern-day times most ridiculous spectacles.

Cops on Segways are pretty awesome, huh?

Here’s a little vid of Gwenn and I at the University of Arizona back in December, when we were traveling for World AIDS Day. If the above video explains why Law Enforcement recruitment is down, the video below shows why Gwenn and I don’t have the chops to play ourselves in My Pet Virus: The Movie...

I’ll get some vid of the Synthetic Division show this Saturday to share as well. While I’m on the road, I’ll probably be micro-blogging on Twitter, which is fun because I can lazily do so from my cell. So feel free to swing by there if this post starts to get a little moldy in the next few days.

Positively Yours,


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