It took a bit longer than I thought. But here it is: the new Android version of iStayHealthy (v2.0.2). It’s got a list of new stuff in it:
  • you can add clinics/doctors. Once added you can call/email your clinic directly from the app
  • you can add illnesses/surgeries/procedures
  • you can add a whole lot of additional blood results and other results to the app
  • you can set a password for the app
  • you can backup/restore data to/from Dropbox
Minor changes include
  • changed the text font from serif to sans serif. It makes it a bit more readable.
  • Complera was renamed to Complera/Evilplera. Eviplera is the brand name used in countries outside the US.
NOTE: It’s been an eventful upgrade of iStayHealthy version 2. I had to send 2 bug fixes out straight away. One, which fixes a crash that might happen at startup, and another that happens when you click on Dropbox. The current version on Google Play is version 2.0.2 - and contains the fixes for both.