Today I had to say goodbye to a friend, saying goodbye has never been easy for me. But when you have to say goodbye forever, it’s even worse. Knowing you’ll never see that person or make memories together again. And realizing all you have left are just that-----memories.

And for me it was also a first. The first time I ever went to a wake. The first time I ever really saw anyone dead. I have experienced death before, I have lost both my parents. But in their case, I never had to look at a body, it was ashes. When I glanced at my friend from afar, it didn’t look like her at all to me. If her brother hadn’t brought me to the wake, I would’ve sworn I came to the wrong place. But as I moved closer to her casket, the harsh realization hit me, it really was her. What was left of her, the kind, warm, loving friend that I grew to love was gone. Before I knew it, I was in tears.

As I sit here and write this, it’s still hard for me to believe she is gone.

Rest In Peace Roxanne.....You will be greatly missed but I know you will be watching over us all.....I love you.