Josh and I had so much coffee on tour- if there was any excess it was definitely limited to our caffeine intake, which helped fuel us on the road. During one leg of our trip, we happened upon a McDonald’s, who have added iced mochas to their menu in recent months...

They ain’t half bad.  Not a standard go-to for me, but in some parts of the U.S. ol’ McD’s is all you’re gonna get, so you better learn to like it.  I filled up the car with gas and sent Josh inside the golden arches with his marching orders to get me a tall cold one.  About 10 minutes later, he came back to the car with a look of defeat.

“What do they call them here?” He asked.

“Shit- I think they call them Iced Mochas,” I said.  “I’m sure they do.”

“Okay,” Josh said reluctantly, returning to finish his discussion with the teenaged employee who stared blankly at him when he ordered a drink using the phrase “iced mocha”.  When Josh returned a few minutes later, he had a blended iced Frappe in his hand.  I said it’s not an iced mocha, but was down to try the treat- it wasn’t bad.  He apologized and recounted his ordeal- one thing about Josh is that he has the mutant ability to find himself involved in daily exchanges with absolute morons.

Every day, Josh- bless his heart- will have five minutes of his day locked in a conversation, trying to reason with a complete and utter dumbass who is usually in a position of power over him.

On the way out of the parking lot, Josh pointed at a sign.  “Look!”  He jumped out of the car.  I put the hazard lights on so I could get this picture, immortalizing his indignation.


More magical moments from tour are to come, including the next vlog entry.  And, by the way, that big mocha is definitely going to be my Halloween costume this year- gonna have to go steal one from my local McDonald’s and cut arm holes and a face hole in it.

They owe me for denying me a mocha in a moment of need.

Positively Yours,

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