My good buddy Bob Geise posted this article on my Facebook Wall about how Seattle’s Best Coffee and their new logo have rubbed some folks the wrong way.  Why?  Well, take a look at the before on the left and new After logo on the right...


A lot of folks seem to think the new logo would fit more naturally for, say, a blood donation center.  Don’t think so?  Well, take a look at the logo of my friends at the National Hemophilia Foundation... (click on it to pay them a visit)  Wouldn’t both logos look good on a Blood Drive poster where, say, they were offering a free iced mocha to donate?

nhf logo.jpg
Now, of course, I wouldn’t be allowed to donate blood for obvious reasons. And on a serious note, it looks like there is some movement at attempting to overturn the ban on gay men to donate blood, something I support. To clarify, I support a gay man’s choice to (marry, run for public office, etc) donate blood- because all blood should be properly screened regardless of the donor source. Risky behavior is risky behavior, period.  Here’s a great article on Gay Rights that explains how I feel much better than I can articulate at 4 am.  Another viewpoint is articulated by Laurie Kelley on the HemaBlog on why some are reluctant to change the current donor policy.

This blog entry is making me jones for an iced mocha, so I better go to bed now.  Here’s to hoping that all of my friends will soon be able to donate the blood of which the clotting factor is drawn to make up my hemophilia medication.

Positively Yours,

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