The media onslaught continues in Charlottesville... Wednesday morning Gwenn and I went on 106.1 The Corner to speak with Brad Savage about HIV/AIDS, our story and the benefit this Saturday.  I was sooooo close to bringing Dab the AIDS Bear into the studio.

dabandsyntheticdivision.jpgYou can hear the interview by clicking on me and Dab.

The best part is at 1:00, when I get hung up on pronouncing “statistics” properly. Gwenn comes in for the assist, thankfully.  I hadn’t had my coffee yet, that’s my excuse.

I haven’t looked forward to a show this much in quite some time.  Am sorry my friends in Bella Morte are going to be rocking in Stroudsburg, PA, the same night as the show.  Will miss seeing them and still remember how cool I thought it was of them when they agreed- without hesitation- to do an HIV/AIDS benefit right around the time I’d first moved to town.

It’s been a lot of fun promoting this show.  Earlier tonight, I made another Synthetic Division video, this time specifically for people who have responded that they are “Maybe” going to attend the show on Saturday.  In this vid, I mention that “I wish I maybe had AIDS”.

Hee hee hee.

Don’t be a “maybe”! Alright, it’s back to sleep with me.

Positively Yours, Shawn