dabdrinkscoffee.jpgYou might remember me and Dab the AIDS Bear having coffee together last month.  Since then, this little guy has been keeping Gwenn and I up all night playing Synthetic Division music.  It’s getting out of hand- I’m not used to having music fans.  AIDS fans?  Easy.  But music fans are hard.

Especially ones that are stuffed and crazed.

Oh well.  Like everything else, I’ve decided to exploit his fandom and help the Dab the AIDS Bear Project at the same time.  At the show, I’ll be selling Dab Bears.  But this is a special one-time edition, kind of like rare Barbie Dolls.  This is the “Obsessed With Synthpop” Dab the AIDS Bear- there’s only 4, so if you are coming to the show and want to reserve one, just send me a message.  Of course, there are plenty of Dab the AIDS Bears looking for a good home here.

dabshadessign.jpgIt’s been great having so many people involved in making this show happen. Last Friday, I met with Chris from AIDS Services Group here in town, and he’s going to be on hand with free condoms and information about HIV.  (I really hope to do a benefit for ASG soon!)  And another friend who works at MAC- a supporter of raising money for AIDS research- has offered to give free makeup touch-ups to people as a way of thanking them for supporting the cause. Very cool.

Ah, there’s the music blasting again.  As much as I like to hear the tunes, I have to go tell the teddy bear to turn it off, it’s after 2 a.m. and the neighbors are trying to sleep.

Positively Yours,