I recently saw the outstanding local (to Charlottesville) band We Are Star Children, who just released an outstanding new album called Spitfire. They put on such a great show that I ended up getting a bleed from a mild case of the dances.

By the way, I have the bleeding disorder, hemophilia. Also, I pulled or strained or ticked off a groin muscle which morphed into a minor bleed when I was bringing in the Christmas tree in early December. I really need to blog more, my life has been a laugh riot of self-discovery as of late. The quickest way to fill you in is that, over the last few years, hemophilia has weighed in on my life a lot more these days.

How I deal with the bleeding disorder is about to change. And that’s one of the many things I spoke with Lauren Samay about on her podcast, My Mourning Routine. The discussion was just a few short days after I realized I’d worked my groin into a Beatlemania frenzy at the We Are Star Children show. (I hadn’t been out in awhile.) We also discuss my experiences growing up with HIV, stigma, grief and the ways my Mom has made contact since her physical passing in June of 2022. 

Big thanks to Lauren for inviting me into a comfortable place where I could share what’s happening in my life these days, and some of the things I’ve been working on for private benefit as well as public consumption. The overall message? I guess it’s love yourself and shine that light on the people in your life that need it. 

Thanks for reading and, perhaps, listening. Either way, I hope this finds you well in your own journey.

Positively Yours,