On February 20th, longtime HIV/AIDS educator Hydeia Broadbent passed in her sleep. She was 39.

I learned about Hydeia’s life and spirit when she graced the cover of POZ at age 13. At the time she had been educating about HIV for years, using her personal story about being born with the virus. She encouraged young people to understand how HIV was and wasn’t transmitted- as well as the potential consequences of their actions. As POZ noted in 1997, Hydeia had "Shirley Temple’s star quality, Whoopi Goldberg’s wit and Madonna’s media savvy."

Though I never had the opportunity to meet Hydeia in person, we did get to exchange some pleasantries on Twitter several years ago. Two kids with HIV from the 80s getting to cross paths in the age of the internet- something neither of us were expected to live to see...

My condolences to everyone who knew Hydeia much better than I did. I share in the sadness of all that admired her from afar, that watched her grow up. And I am beyond thankful for the kinder and more understanding world that she dedicated her living years to help shape.  

Positively Yours,


Over the years POZ had the opportunity to catch up with Hydeia. This collection of articles shed even more light on one of the community’s brightest stars.