Five and a half years ago I started writing this book. And today, it’s finally out there. Pretty surreal...

And last night, at my first reading, the place was packed. So many familar faces, too many to even keep up with. Gwenn told me my doctor was there, but I didn’t see him. And a few other people she spoke with. The area set aside for the reading at Barnes & Noble seated 50... and 150 people showed up. There were more sign-ups for book orders than books on hand, which sold out in about fifteen minutes, just after I was done reading.

But I didn’t lose my breath. A friend afterwards told me that my face turned red when I started reading... it was embarrassing, and humbling, and so fucking amazing to see friends from childhood, poker night, goth night, relatives young and old, former co-workers of Gwenn at the local AIDS Service Organization, the pageant family... anyone who could make it did.

It really was the best send off for my upcoming book tour that I could have asked for. As I’m on the road, I’ll be posting here. I’m sure some funny stories will come up. If you stumble upon my book, I hope you enjoy it and can get a laugh at some of my misfortunes. All the misfortunes in the world was worth the feeling my friends and family gave me last night.

I am today, and always have been, a lucky bastard.