Tonight I’m doing my first book reading. I’ve heard that, if you’re not David Sedaris, you shouldn’t even do an actual reading because you’ll bore the audience to tears. But tonight? I’m braving it.

Also, this is a local reading, which means that a ton of family and friends will be there. Which means I could be getting heckled from the audience, either by my mother or the lead singer of Bella Morte. I’ll need to be on toes. Oh, and to read slowly. I practiced for Gwenn the other night, and I read so fast that I was out of breath by the end of the first paragraph. It was pitiful.

This weekend, I head out for a two-week book tour. The locals are giving me a great send off, and this past weekend I was interviewed for a local radio station. (you can listen here.

One local I’m gunning for? Negatoid John Grisham, whom I challenged to a book reading at a Charlottesville location of his choosing. As of yet, no word from his camp. I’ll keep you updated.