I published a new version of iStayHealthy for Android - version 3.0.0 - yesterday 13 May.
It took a bit to get to that point, as there were a number of features I reworked/changed:
  • the User Interface changed to give it a bit of a more modern look
  • the chart menu now allows users to view results other than just CD4 / Viral Load. In particular I added cholesterol, blood sugar, weight, systolic blood pressure which are often also provided together with the relevant HIV data
  • the app configuration was upgraded to make sure the new version runs on both tablets and phones (previously, tablet users couldn’t upgrade to the latest version)
  • when adding an alert you can now tick a checkbox that forces you to confirm if you have taken your meds
  • and some other changes
By far most users are now on version 2.x of iStayHealthy so the upgrade should go ok. However, if you are still on version 1.x - it might be best to reinstall as too many features changed since then.

Below is a screenshot of the new chart menu and UI look and feel of iStayHealthy/Android: