The latest version of iStayHealthy - version 3.1.0 - is now available on iTunes. I put a number of new features as well as bug fixes in:
  • iCloud backup/syncing of your iStayHealthy data.
  • Images upgraded to Retina displays
  • Users can modify their results dates, medication start dates
  • Some bug fixes regarding Dropbox backup/restore
  • Some improvements regarding usability
  • Other bug fixes 
  • import data by email attachments (more about that in a separate blog).
  • Finally, the branding of iStayHealthy is now linked to

Because of iCloud and other features, the new version of iStayHealthy is available only for devices with iOS version 5.1 upwards. I will send out a backward compatible version shortly.
If you have an iCloud account already: Go to the ’Settings’ menu on your Home screen and select ’iCloud’. In there make sure that your ’Documents & Data’ tab is set to ’On’. 
And off you go.
At first load-up iStayHealthy may take a while to start-up, this is because iCloud is creating a list of all the things it needs to backup.