Last night Barack Obama rode the endorsement of future Vice President Dennis Kucinich to a victory in Iowa, and The Huck brought out the anti-Mormon vote to crush Mitt Romney.

An oversimplification or gross irrationalization?  You betcha!  I love politics.

What's interesting is that you have a candidate on one side who publicly got tested for HIV Kenya to reduce stigma. And on the other side, you have a candidate who refused to clarify a fifteen year old statement in which he suggested that Madonna and Liz Taylor pay for the AIDS epidemic out of their own pockets.

One thing I do like about Huckabee is that he seems to take into consideration that poverty does exist in this country.  And he seems determined to distinguish himself from the current president.  What's funny, is that I'm watching the news right now, and Obama <I>just mentioned </I>HIV/AIDS.

This is all very exciting.  I long for a president who respects the need for and understands the importance of sexual health education and the stigma that continues to surround AIDS. Plus, it would be cool to have a president with worse initials than me.  (His "B.O." to my "S.T.D.")


In personal news, I meet with Dr. Greg, my ID doc, next week to discuss the potential role my HIV meds played in my bloody wee episodes over the holidays.  And this weekend, I'm co-hosting a pageant with a former Miss Virginia.  I'm one gaffe away from YouTube stardom!

Positively Yours,