I know I’ve been pushing my music a lot recently- and I appreciate your patience if you’re not a music person or not a my-music person.  I’ll get back to regular life bloggin’ again soon but, right now, this is kind of what’s happening in my life and I’m kind of diggin’ it.

One Condoms are one of my co-sponsors for the upcoming tour, along with Poz and MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation, and they are on board to provide free condoms for the entire tour!  (Or as long as supplies last.)  I included the One/Synthetic Division condoms in the pre-orders for Symptom of Life so everyone who isn’t in the touring cities can get one.  Fortunately if you just want regular One Condoms, they are now as close as your nearest Target.

Why the One love? 

Well, because I’ve tried to find condom sponsors before for my work with Gwenn, and in doing so I found out- no matter how many folks I speak to- I am a tough sell because I have HIV.  Condom companies- I’ve been told by friends in the know- don’t want to be associated with “the infected”, whether it’s HIV or any of the other lifelong viruses that some of us carry.  To be fair, I was hitting some condom companies up for a lot of money, but mainly because I wanted to be able to speak at every school, event and barbecue that I’m invited to. 

One are not only supportive of my tour, they are also supportive of the idea behind it: to tie the music with HIV awareness and the need to promote safer sex practices.

So swing on over to One’s site.  Give them some love.  You can also check out their Synthetic Division music page, where you can hear my cover of Love and Rockets’ “So Alive”- a song that I thought appropriate for commemorating 20 years of surviving a dying wish.  If you need a refresher on the song before hearing my take, check out the ultra-cool Love & Rockets music video below by the legends themselves.

I hope everyone is feeling So Alive and has a great weekend ahead.

Positively Yours,


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