Each night this week, PBS NewsHour will broadcast an installment of its new series The End of AIDS: Far From Over, a follow-up to the 2016 series The End of AIDS?

The 2016 series, which won an Emmy and the Communication Award from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, explored efforts to “end the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa,” according to a press release, available here.

According to the release, the new series focuses on the “major challenges that remain in the global fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic,” including a spike in HIV contraction in Russia, mother-to-child transmission in Nigeria and surprisingly high rates of HIV transmission in Florida.

The press release notes that the series launch coincides with preparations for the International AIDS conference taking place in Amsterdam in July.

PBS NewsHour correspondent William Brangham and producer Jason Kane, in partnership with Jon Cohen of Science magazine and with the support of the Pulitzer Center, traveled to Russia, Nigeria and Florida to spotlight the political forces, social stigma, economic currents and other factors that continue to frustrate efforts to contain the virus,” the release said.

A website for the series, available here, examines issues that block treatment, testing and prevention, such as stigma and limited access to health resources. The website also features “the entire broadcast series” and provides “snapshots of the people fighting the virus.”

Check your local listings to find out when to watch each episode.