*UPDATE- 5-24-10: no more pre-orders! If you’d like a copy of the CD, go here: Synthetic Division on CD Baby If you want a shirt or messenger bag, just send me an email at shawn at synthetic-division dot com

*UPDATE- 5-5-10: The CDs arrived today! Am mailing out first pre-orders at midnight tonight, next batch will go out on Saturday, then I leave for tour on Sunday. Will be taking last few prescription bottles with me, so if you want a personalized Symptom prescription bottle, there are only 7 left!... Wish me luck on the road! -SD

I know I spent a lot of my political capital last week with my big Decker’s Daily push for iced mochas on World Hemophilia Day, but now I have to turn my attention back to music and the upcoming tour in May to support my new CD, A Symptom of Life.

As of May 9, I hit the road to play shows spanning from Providence to Ithaca and back to Brooklyn, before a couple of homecoming shows in Lynchburg and Charlottesville.  To get full tour details, make sure you are reading this info on my Poz blog.  Before I leave, I’d love nothing more than to pop some of these CDs in the mail for some of you who aren’t able to make it out to see the live shows.  For those of you who support this dream come true- which is just simply being here to even do music at all- I wanted do something special, and with Gwenn’s help, I’ve come up with some fun items.

Between now, Friday April 23 and Friday, May 8, I’m taking pre-orders with a few different options, all of which include shipping costs...

Option 1: “The Safety Dance” ($15): a hand-numbered copy of the CD, A Symptom of Life (8 songs). Only 300 are being pressed, and I’m numbering the first 50 25 copies only.  Included in this option is a One Condoms/Synthetic Division case that contains two condoms.

(items pictured below)

Option 2: “Just What the Patient Ordered” ($25): hand-numbered CD, the condom case and a limited edition (only 20 will be made), personalized prescription bottle containing 3 Synthetic Division buttons.
(pictured below)

Option 3: “Bag Me, Baby” ($50): hand-numbered CD, the condom case, the prescription bottle/buttons and a Synthetic Division messenger bag containing an embroidered rendering of the cover art (by Barton Benes) of A Symptom of Life.
(pictured below)

To order any of these options, PayPal the amount, your name and shipping address to:  Unfortunately I am not set up to take orders any other way at this time, and I apologize for that!

Positively Yours,
Shawn Decker
President & CEO of Synthetic Division, Inc.
a for-losses venture L
seriously, I’m losing my ass on this, please buy something.

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