In the last few days Gwenn and I have become the #5 fundraiser for the entire AIDS Walk DC.  For reals!  I am beyond humbled by the response to the last blog entry, which I was hoping would get at least a hundred dollars in donations: instead, we got close to $500. 

Wow.  Just look at how much the blood tube has risen!  It’s a beautiful sight.  (I left a shadow effect so you can see where it was before this week.)

The money raised between now and October 3 will help out my fellow positoids in a huge way.  Thanks to Gabi, Allison, Bob, Shari, Becca, Jennifer and Kevin for your donations.  In addition to a generous donation, Jennifer also sent along this video to inspire the fight to raise even more money, to rise higher in the ranks... she also thought a Team Supersnack remix of this video would be fun.

This video is great because it isn’t the confidant Rocky we’re used to seeing in the ring.  This is thinking-about-serious-shit-while-driving Rocky.  That’s how I kind of felt when I posted the last blog entry.  No, I hadn’t just witnessed my best friend being bludgeoned to death by a Russian hopped up on roids, but I was concerned about whether I still had the goods after last year... after beating Kenneth Cole (Clubber Lang)... 

Like Rocky, I’m getting in my own car for a long drive tomorrow to Atlanta for Dragon*Con, an incredible sci-fi geek heaven conference.  I’m going to have fun and support my friends in Bella Morte.  I’ll be posting awesome pictures and updates on my Twitter account and Facebook, so drop in there for mini-updates.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.

Positively Yours,

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