On Monday night, Gwenn and I spoke at Salisbury University in Maryland. Fortunuately, we looked it up on Google Maps a few days before, and it happened to be within striking distance of Rehoboth Beach.

I’d visited my friend, Michael, in Rehoboth Beach last summer, and blogged about it. Gwenn was jealous, but this time, we both made it. And here she is with Michael, in front of the Green Man Juice Bar and Bistro.


DSC00586.jpgHe runs a gallery for the home called Detail, and that’s his Boston Terrier, Mirabelle, below, peering out on the front gate. She’s the mascot of the shop, and Michael and I have a children’s book about her in the works. (I’m slacking on that now, because I’m working hard on the vampire book... maybe I should combine them: vampire terriers?)


Monday was a breeze: 60 degrees and a less-than-an-hour drive to Salisbury. When we got to the school, we made a shocking discovery... there was... a parking space. That is very rare! Everything was nice and easy, and the students were receptive to our message.

Which brings me to another first. At the end of our program, a student in the front row raised her hand. “You two are so awesome... I just want to give you a hug. Can I come give you guys a hug?”

DSC00590.jpgIt was so sweet. We usually get some hugs afterward, but never during. It was a pretty cool and unique way to end the discussion with the students. Then, it was on the road again, heading back home with some new memories and a few framed photos from Detail in our car.

The drive back was 4 1/2 hours long. I was good for the bulk of it, then turned the wheel over to Gwenn for the last buck and a half after we stopped at Wawa. Wawa is, by far, our favorite all-in-one stop on the road.

Now that I’m home and settled again, I’m back to work on the next book. Oh, and I’m twittering. Or mini-blogging. If you’re interested, you can follow that by going here: Shawn’s Twittering. I guess it’s for a generation that doesn’t have time to read paragraphs.

Positively Yours,


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