Sero Meeting Pic.jpg
(Left to right): Cindy Stine, Reed Vreeland (Housing Works), Laura Whitehorn, Sean Strub, Tre Alexander (Philadelphia FIGHT), Akil Patterson (The Osborne Association) at the initial Turn It Up! Planning meeting, September 2014, Milford, PA. Present but not pictured are Suzy Martin (Prison Health News), Robert Suttle and Matt Ebert.

NYC-based advocacy group the Sero Project is working on a comprehensive new health resource called “Turn it Up!” aimed at people living with HIV and/or hepatitis who are incarcerated. The organization, which focuses on HIV criminalization, discrimination and social justice issues, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise at least $5,000 to publish and distribute the book.

As Sero Project member Robert Suttle says in the Kickstarter video, “’Turn It Up!’ will give readers the tools they need to advocate for their health from the inside.”

Our founder, Sean Strub, went on to found the Sero Project to continue his advocacy efforts against the criminalization of HIV. Also, two former POZ staffers, Laura Whitehorn and Suzy Martin, are co-editing the book, which will be written with a peer-to-peer voice to connect with people who have been incarcerated, those who are currently still behind bars, as well as their family and community members.

The organization hopes that the guide “will help those serving time to navigate health care and stay as healthy as possible,” pointing out how difficult it can be to get crucial information about HIV and hepatitis while incarcerated.

The Sero Projects estimates production and distribution costs will be about $2 per issue, and hopes to distribute “Turn It Up!” across the country; with help, more people can gain access to the knowledge they need to stay healthy and improve their quality of life both in and out of prison.

Click here to view the Sero Project’s “Turn It Up!” Kickstarter campaign.