I have a lot of links at the bottom of this page- Shawn’s book, Shawn’s music, Decker’s Daily Coffee (sublimely shameless and joyously updated)... but one thing is missing. The absolutely absurd amount of time that I spend sick.

When I was writing My Pet Virus, one of the things I had to overcome was my own sugarcoating of my health. As I recalled how terrible I felt- and how often- I really got a gauge for how I feel, and that’s it’s been worse than I’d like to admit.  Coughing through Thanksgiving, World AIDS Week, and then crashing out in the hospital last year, I figured out that I’d spent at least a fifth of the year under the weather.  So last Thursday, when I started coughing again due to a nasal drip, which has me still feeling a bit puny today, I figured I should document this.

So, down at the very bottom of this blog, in tiny font print, you’ll see Shawn’s Sick Days in 2010.  Right now, I’m up to 5- but I gotta figure out what qualifies as a “sick day”.  This is all a work in progress, you see.  For instance, today I was well enough to turn up for jury duty and then- while I was out- a Decker’s Daily Coffee.  Then I texted my pool league captain, got out of my Monday Night billiards duties, only to venture up the street to work on some new music at my friend’s home studio...

So maybe I’ll knock the count down to 4.  That seems fair since today was way too busy to be considered a “Shawn’s Sick Day”.  Tomorrow?  Well, we’ll see. 

Don’t worry; I won’t be blogging every time I feel sick.  That would make for a bummer of a blog, both for you the valued reader and me the writer.  Right now, the sickness I feel is more of a nuisance than a risk to my health.  That’s usually how it is, and I’m thankful for that and maybe that’s why I’m so nonchalant about it when I am sick.  I just rest and get better and get on with life. 

So, will keeping tab on the sick days bum me out?  No, or at least I don’t think so.  If I break triple digits, I might break down.  Ultimately, I’m just curious.  Of course, I’ll be doing everything I can to make sure that number remains as low as possible.  Which means taking my meds as I do, eating decently (not too much meat) and just being my happy, contented self.

Now, it’s off to get ready for more snowfall.  Better get out early for my mocha just in case it starts to fall early.

Positively Yours,

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