Last night I finally worked up the courage to open the box, having checked the neon Synthetic Division sign with the airlines. (UPS did a fine job packing it, the sign was safe and sound.)

And tonight is the big night! So if you are in or around Los Angeles, come see me play at the Galaxy Gallery on Melrose. Show starts at 10 p.m.

7224 Melrose Ave Los Angeles, CA 90046 Phone: (323) 938-6505 (Mid-city west!)


I wanted to get a cool pic of the sign, unplugged, with the city behind it. But all you can see is the sign and Gwenn’s bathrobe- the water in the shower went out on her. She was none to happy to accomodate in the taking of this terrible picture. (On second thought, it was a little breezy out on the patio.)

We got this hotel on Priceline... room service for 2 eggs? $22! No, we didn’t get the eggs. Well, we did at a diner the next day for $1.99.

Will blog more after the show.

Positively Yours,