Recently I blogged about the ADAP (AIDS Drug Assistance Program) crisis in this country and, in particular, in Florida.  I also shared an interview that Mark S. King of My Fabulous Disease conducted with Sean Strub. 

Well, Mark is back.

In January a group of HIV activists gathered in Florida to address the ADAP situation and how we as a community can help.  Mark videotaped the event, and has expertly explained why this is happening and what we can all do to insure that funding for these life-saving programs is a priority for our elected officials.

The Fair Pricing Coalition (FPC) has figured out a two-month funding gap remedy to prevent people in Florida from going without HIV medications.  Check out Tim Horn’s article on how HIV activists have really worked hard to make this happen.  I hope you’ll read Tim’s article and watch the video, and I hope you will help out by following Mark’s easy-to-follow instructions on what you can do to help.

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