I believe that things happen for a reason, especially in my life, even the bad things. I believe they happen either because there is a lesson to be learned or to make me stronger. Towards the end of my stay at the shelter, I ended up inheriting some money that my adopted mother left me in her will.

It couldn’t have come at a better time considering where I was. It was also about the time I was looking for an apartment. I found one in a nice neighborhood and put a deposit down on it. I got the apartment. Since I had gotten this little piece of change, plus knowing my son was out of bootcamp, I decided to take a trip back home. He was the main reason for my trip. I hadn’t seen my son since he went to prison two years ago. But I also wanted to spend time with my oldest sister and visit friends.

When I first laid eyes on my son, my eyes started to tear up. Gone was the little boy that I once knew. He stood before me now a young man. I just wrapped my arms around him and held him tight. Of course, I had to get pictures. What touched me was the fact that he made it a point to see me every day while I was there. He was the highlight of my trip.

While I was home, I stayed with my oldest sister. Of course, she had to fill me in on the rest of the family. Especially the sister, I don’t get a long with. I had already had it in my mind to be civil towards her. She called while I was there, we spoke. During the conversation, I even invited her to come over, trying to bury the hatchet. She said she would but she never did. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t show. I tried to be the bigger person and made the effort. Some people never change no matter how many years go by. It a shame when a person never changes. When everyone can see it but the person who needs to change.

A couple of my friends live by my sister including my bff. I decided to see them. My one girlfriend didn’t even recognize me. I wasn’t expecting her to because I had lost weight since I last saw her. I had dressed girly,had make up on, and was carrying a purse. Not in a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and some sneakers. That was how everyone was use to seeing me. All I received was compliments on how good I looked. Or how New York must be agreeing with me. I must admit it made me feel like a million bucks.

As much as I enjoyed my trip back home, I was missing being in New York. I had a nice time. I might still go back one day.......