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O'Donnell: If You Can't Beat It... Join 'Em?

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Bob G.

Fuckin' A, Shawn. I wondered what the hat was about. And I have to say, I'm liking the scruff, man. You sexy beast, you. O'Donnell is a liar. I don't believe her witchcraft dabbling or dating of a witch (who had a satanic altar) for a millisecond. It’s all part of the Fundamentalist (Extremist?) plan to frighten normal people into believe Christianity is the one way, the only way, to any sort of salvation or happiness, which is bullshit. O’Donnell lies about HIV/AIDS as easily as I breathe. She doesn’t tell the truth about condoms and education helping to stop the spread of the disease because it is contradictory to her agenda, which is only to scare good kids and young adults into making bad decisions on their health so she can say “I told you so!” She tells those liquid lies to sound important and experienced, but the only experience she has is doing what Fundies do best, which is lie. She doesn’t quote sources or offer proof because she doesn’t have to: Jesus is her handler. (With all due respect to true Christians, O’Donnell’s religious beliefs have as much to do with Christianity as Doctor Nick on The Simpsons has to do with the medical profession.) Even more, though, she’s also a hypocrite and a coward. She claims that, were she hiding Anne Frank in her attic and the Nazis came knocking on her door, God would intervene, or she would have to tell the truth. The very thought nauseates me. We were taught as far back as Sunday school that Christians are here on earth to protect the Anne Franks of the world from the Nazis of the world. The fact that she would not do so unless God intervened in some way (because saying “Anne Frank is not here” would be a lie) is heinous. It’s worse than that, in fact; it’s abhorrent, as is O’Donnell herself. She’s a liar, a hypocrite, and a coward. Anyone who has knowledge of her verbal atrocities and says differently is the same.

September 23, 2010


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