Check out this page on, which has video of last weekend’s HIV/AIDS rally.  You can see a clip of me and Marshall kicking things off with a Synthetic Division jam.  Sean Strub introduced us in his “Tainted Bloods” jacket with the big red skull; he informed the audience that I was the leader of this gang and the jacket signified his membership, as well as his tainted blood.

I promise to post the full video of his speech about “The Tainted Bloods”, as well as the two songs I sang at the rally.  dcrallywithholly.jpg

One of the big thrills for me was seeing my cousin, Holly, mid-song from stage.  “Cousin Holly from Kentucky!”  I shouted excitedly, noticing her rainbow-colored mohawk- far cooler than any hair stylings I have ever attempted.  I just love this picture of us with our friends, supporting Equality and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Hard to believe those three weekends in DC came and went so fast!  All the travel as of late has made me a lazy blogger, which is why I’m posting... another link.  In DC I spoke with Todd Heywood about the HIV prevention work that Gwenn and I do.

Read it here!

Now I am off to the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) Mid-Atlantic Conference to speak to college students with Gwenn about sexual health.  It’s a huge deal- we get a 15 minute showcase in front of students from tons of schools.  They’ll be seeing musicians, entertainers and educators over the course of a long weekend, and we can only hope that sexual health and the way we present it is something that they will feel is needed on their campus.

Wish me luck!

Positively Yours,
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