Generic Name: darunavir + cobicistat + emtricitabine + tenofovir alafenamide

Pronunciation: N/A

Abbreviation: DRV/c + FTC + TAF

Other Market Name: N/A

Drug Class: Single-Tablet Regimens

Company: Janssen Therapeutics

Approval Status: Experimental

Generic Version Available: No

Experimental Code: N/A

Drug Recommendation

Symtuza has not yet been reviewed for inclusion in the DHHS list of recommended HIV treatments.

General Info

Symtuza is an experimental HIV medication. It is currently in Phase III clinical trials. An application for approval was submitted to the FDA in September 2017.

Symtuza contains an approved protease inhibitor (darunavir), an approved boosting agent (cobicistat) and two approved nucleoside/nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors (emtricitabine + tenofovir alafenamide).


Adult Dose: Each tablet contains 800 mg darunavir, 150mg cobicistat, 200mg emtricitabine and 10mg tenofovir alafenamide.

Pediatric Dose: N/A

Dosing Info: If approved, Symtuza will be a complete one-pill, once-daily drug regimen.

Side Effects


Last Reviewed: October 2, 2017