POZ April 2006

POZ April 2006

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Anonymous No More

POZ’s “Anonymous” columnist discloses her status and becomes editor in chief.

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Dead Certain?

Despite the death of her daughter, HIV positive Christine Maggiore stands by her views.


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Tough Breaks

The SMART study stopped enlisting for its drug-holiday arm after too many people got sick. Is this the end of treatment interruptions?

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Hepatitis C: New Help Is on the Way

And not a second too soon for those with HIV

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Blowing Smokes

Ten tips to help positive smokers quit

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Doctor’s Diary-April 2006

Patients help a positive doc treat himself better

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Tasty Freeze

Our POZ comparison shoppers test six frozen dinners for nutrition—and flavor.

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Snack Pack

Some HIV meds must be taken with a meal or a snack; others lack food restrictions, but popping them with a nibble can help cut down on...

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Double Duty

New study shows that condoms can weaken the herpes-HIV transmission connection 

POZ Personals of the Month-April 2006

I pay attention to the little things and keep the romance flowing.

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Toon Darn Hot

A daring website makes prevention sexy and fun again

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Legal Eye-April 2006

Tax Time

POZ Magazine

Office Politics

Can the State Department discriminate?

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Worldwide Web

The hotly debated notion of “intelligent design” contends that nature is so complex, a higher being (read: God) must have masterminded it.


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Up Close and Impersonal

Can an electronic greeting card ease the drama of face-to-face HIV disclosure?

POZ Magazine

Border Patrol

A Mexican standoff over sex workers and HIV 

POZ Magazine

A Virus in Verse

Poet Tory Dent’s Final Howl

POZ Magazine

Oral Fixation

Reading a Rapid Test Misfire

POZ Magazine

Germ Warfare

For Shari Margolese, spring cleaning becomes a battle of the sexes

POZ Magazine

Sleeping With the Enemy

AIDS diva Michael Petrelis and Sen. Tom Coburn—together at last

POZ Magazine

The Plot Thickens

A Crime Novelist Shares the Facts Behind His Fiction and Discloses the Secrets of His Most Intimate Mystery 


POZ April 2006 Regan Hofmann

Editor’s Letter-April 2006

Well, I finally did it.

POZ Magazine

Mailbox-April 2006

Your story on beating seasonal depression (“Melting Winter Blues,” December 2005) speaks to a timely issue.


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