POZ April-May 2010

POZ April-May 2010

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The Education of Miss Universe

Their discussion reveals that Fernández is more than just one of the prettiest women in the world.

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TAG Team

With stunning regularity, news media pronounce AIDS activism dead—or at best on life support.

La Educación de Miss Universo

Su discusión revela que Fernández es mucho más que una de las mujeres más bellas del mundo


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Still Gellin’

Will positive people ever be able to protect sex partners without using condoms? Hope sticks around, despite a gel’s poor showing.

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It’s Not Too Late To Start HIV Meds

Even if your CD4 count is very low when you’re diagnosed with HIV you can still benefit from taking HIV meds.

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Try This

Strength training tones your brain and your body. One method is Pilates, a series of stretches and poses. Here’s a starter move.

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Entry Inhibitor Slows Its Advance

The experimental HIV drug vicriviroc has stalled in development. 

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Attack of the Killer Popcorn!

Even the small-size tub of popcorn at many movie theaters can hold between 370 and 670 calories.

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A Tale of Two Viruses

Treating herpes does not help prevent HIV transmission.

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Doing the Dose

Swallowing your drugs day in, day out can be tough.

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Ballroom Brotherhood

HIV prevention in the house(s)

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PEP Rally

An online guide to preventing HIV—after exposure

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Prevention for Positives

Is it sensible (and sensitive) to hold HIV-positive people solely responsible for stemming new infections? 


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POZ Q&A: Miss America

POZ speaks with the newly crowned Caressa Cameron about her personal connection to the virus and why she uses her platform to fight HIV/AIDS.

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Fly Boy

On January 4, the United States opened its borders to inbound HIV-positive travelers. POZ spoke with one of the first men to exercise that new...

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Infectiously Adorable?

Last Christmas, Jennifer Morton, POZ’s managing editor, was given HIV by her nephew—in the form of a questionably cute plush toy.

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POZ Picks

Karter Louis promotes aural advocacy with “SAFESEX.”

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Texas Baby Bump

Texas law requires pregnant women get screened for (STIs) infections during their first prenatal doctor’s visit and again during their third

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Positively Page Turning

Author Courtney Sheinmel imprints her teen readers with messages of sexual safety—and acceptance of people living with HIV.

Calling All Keyboard Cassanovas

Think online dating is fruitless? Try the new Premium POZ Personals!

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Put a Little PEP in Your Step

Jimmy Choo’s killer stilettos help save the lives of rape survivors in South Africa.


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Editor’s Letter-April/May 2010

Pretty Is as Pretty Does

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Your Feedback

The white gay men who started ACT UP screamed for more to be done to save us all, black and white.

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A. Toni Young has developed a new way to fight HIV among African Americans in Washington, DC.


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