POZ Focus - Standing Tall

POZ Focus - Standing Tall

This issue discusses lipodystrophy and HIV, including causes and treatments for abnormal changes such as visceral fat and hard belly.


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Stand Back

This special issue of POZ Focus is dedicated to understanding lipodystrophy among people living with HIV.

Lillibeth Gonzalez

Standing Tall

Understanding lipodystrophy among people living with HIV, including visceral fat and hard belly.

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The Stigma of Lipo

Lipo can be a constant reminder of living with HIV and can lead to loss of self-esteem and social withdrawal.

More Info on Lipodystrophy

POZ at Home

POZ at Home: When Is Fat Not Just Fat?

A discussion about hard belly and visceral fat

Blog: Contemplating Body Image at Half a Century Old

Lipodystrophy, HIV, aging—I may have a few battle scars, but I’m still at my best right now.


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