POZ January/February 2024

POZ January/February 2024

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Editor’s Letter

illustration of Dandelion

Once in a Lifetime

For decades, I didn’t feel comfortable describing myself as a long-term survivor.


Porchia Dees

We are Lifetime Survivors

People born with HIV are reclaiming their experiences—and giving themselves a new name.

Blue Pill and Pillow

DoxyPEP 101

Everything you need to know about taking an antibiotic after sex to help prevent sexually transmitted infections.

graphic 2 hands grasp symbol

2024 HIV and AIDS Awareness Days

Display this poster as a reminder of upcoming awareness days.


A Screenshots from MTV Shuga

Opening Conversations

The former executive director of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation shares her insights.

POZ Planet

Assemblywoman Inez Dickens, Dr. Mindy Fullilove and Dr. Robert Fullilove

Iris House at 30

The HIV group recently added a new location.

Glenn Burke AIDS Story to Hit the Screen

Jamie Lee Curtis and Ryan Murphy are behind the film.

Global philanthropic funding report 2021

Private HIV and AIDS Funding Drops

The $9 million dip “raises red flags.”

box of food from food bank

Food Pantries Help HIV Clients

“Without food…people don’t take their medicine.”

Ronnie Grace, an HIV advocate for Milwaukee's Black, brown and LGBTQ communities

R.I.P. Ronnie Grace, LGBTQ & HIV Advocate

“Uncle Ronnie” was a peer navigator at Diverse & Resilient.

graphic gavel

Woman With HIV Sues Rehab Center

She alleges the facility disclosed her status and then evicted her.

POZ Stories Tim Baros

What Made Me Survive?

Tim B. asks the question many other long-term survivors have asked.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day logo

Everyday – January/February 2024

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. Visit to learn more about the history of HIV and AIDS.


AIDS Memorial Quilt

Sewing HIV Stories

POZ managing editor Jennifer Morton on how she ended up making a POZ memorial panel for the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Charles Sanchez, Life Is Fabulous!

Life is Fabulous

POZ contributing writer Mark S. King shares in the commemoration of Charles Sanchez’s 20th HIV anniversary.


Judy Shephard and Billy Porter

RIAA & MSF Galas 2023

The gala raised $568,000 to support critical programs and resources, while honoring Billy Porter, Chasten Buttigieg and more.

Nutrition & Fitness

Potato Tomato Frittata

Potato Tomato Frittata

It’s a full meal all by itself.

illustration of a salad

Eat For Fuel, Not Fun

You would be shocked at the junk some restaurants use to flavor your food.


Detailed Chlamydia Cell


Left untreated, this common STI can cause serious long-term complications.

Care & Treatment

scale squeezed by tape measure weight loss

Weight-Loss Drugs for People With HIV

There hasn’t been much research on weight-loss meds for people with HIV, but data are starting to emerge.

Black man taking a blue pill

Expanding PrEP Coverage

Barriers to PrEP use include lack of awareness, cost and a shortage of providers.

illustration of scissors cutting dna

HIV Gene Therapy Looks Safe—but Does It Work?

An early human trial seeks answers.

homeless man asleep on bench

Hepatitis C Care for The Vulnerable

Many people are not aware of their hepatitis C status.

Research Notes

latino woman

Prevention: PrEP for Trans Women

Researchers enrolled more than 4,500 cisgender men and trans women.

pages of years calendars

Treatment: Rukobia at Five Years

Participants saw improvements in biomarkers associated with comorbidities and mortality.


Cure: Delayed HIV Rebound

These early findings suggest PD-1 inhibitors might be part of a combination functional cure strategy.

doctor holding model of colon and rectum

Concerns: Anal Cancer

Fewer people successfully treated with trichloroacetic acid experienced recurrence.


Gary Paul Wright

Enduring Empowerment

Gary Paul Wright has become the godfather of the Garden State’s LGBTQ community.

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POZ January/February 2024

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