POZ March 2021

POZ March 2021

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Loreen Willenberg

An Exception to the Rule

Loreen Willenberg may be the first person to be cured of HIV without a bone marrow transplant, but there’s more to this elite controller.

HIV attaching to cell

How Some HIV Controllers Contain the Virus

A small subset of people living with HIV are able to control viral replication without antiretroviral treatment.

Self care illustration pet tea flowers figure relaxing

Self-Care in the COVID-19 Era

People living with chronic illnesses are coming up with ingenious coping mechanisms in the face of COVID-19.

Be a POZ Advocate Poster

Be a POZ Advocate

March 2021 marks the 250th issue of POZ magazine. To commemorate this milestone, we’ve created this special poster showcasing our covers.

Editor’s Letter

illustration beaker science graphs info research

Higher Ground

In this special issue focused on women, we spotlight the stories of fierce women, including Loreen Willenberg, our cover subject.


Toni-Michelle Williams

Positive Transformation

Restorative justice can uplift Black transgender and queer people and people living with HIV.

POZ Planet

Untitled (detail), 2018, original 1971 Action Comics, used blood collection bag with needle, residual blood of gay man on PrEP; plexiglass, UV resin

Fighting for Your Right…to Donate Blood!

Jordan Eagles creates art with human blood and superheroes.

Megen Vo, MD, and Geoff Hart-Cooper, MD

PrEP Work

An HIV prevention roundup

Everyday – March 2021

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Meet the Nation’s New Health Leaders

A roll call from team Biden-Harris


trophy with star shaped glitter

POZ Awards 2020

POZ editors compile the winners, as voted on by readers, of the Fifth Annual POZ Awards, which spotlighted HIV/AIDS in media and culture.

cactus with sharp needles

No Pain

Researchers from the Global HIV Pain Task Force seek input from the HIV/AIDS community.


POZ March 2021 Spotlight

Hope for 2021

HIV organizations and groups look forward to 2021 and closing in on the goal of ending HIV.


fruits and vegetables healthy eating diet

Eating for Your Health

Good nutrition is key to overall health and can help you live long and well with HIV.


Nurse applying vaccine on patient's arm using face mask

Ask POZ – March 2021

Who can safely receive COVID-19 vaccines?

Care And Treatment

united states map with downward arrows

HIV Death Rate Drops

Between 2010 and 2017, the HIV-related death rate fell by half.

Stem cells on white bg

Antiretrovirals Don’t Stop Cell Aging

People with untreated HIV in a recent study had signs of faster cell aging, which treatment reduced but did not eliminate.

feet scale tape measure weight

New Tenofovir Tied to Weight Gain

A recent study sheds light on weight gain after switching to new form of tenofovir.

illustration head puzzle pieces coming apart

HIV Treatment Lowers Early Alzheimer’s Risk

While people with HIV have a higher rate of early Alzheimer’s than those without the virus, treatment appears to eliminate this excess risk.

Research Notes

vaccine needle inserted into vial blue

Prevention: PrEP for Women

A study finds that long-acting cabotegravir is an effective PrEP option for women.

scale and measuring tape

Treatment: Good and Bad Fat

Switching to an integrase inhibitors is not tied to gain in bad fat, according to recent study.

dna illustration genetics

Cure: CRISPR Snips HIV

Trials for HIV-positive people of a treatment using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing tool may be on the horizon.


Concerns: COVID-19 and HIV

Larger studies suggest people living with HIV might have a modestly higher risk of severe COVID-19, but much remains to be learned.


Shirlene Cooper

Women’s Empowerment

Shirlene Cooper empowers women living with HIV through art.

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POZ March 2021 cover

POZ March 2021

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