POZ November 1996

POZ November 1996

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An Angel, A Ribbon, An Apple, A Cross

Heir to a tradition of pioneer women who traveled West for emancipation, public servant Judith Billings wears her politics on her lapel

Inside the Issue

Four More Years!

Why one high-profile PWA is ready to cast his vote for Bill Clinton

Senator Robert Dole

A Dull Presidency

Bob Dole may not be your worst nightmare, but his record suggests bad news for PWAs

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The Party’s Over

Refuse to bow down to the bloody idol of the Two-Party System! Resist! Revolt!

POZ Magazine

Outside Looking In

We look at political tactics from both sides now

POZ Magazine

Clinton & AIDS: A Report Card

An Update on “Fifty for the Future”

POZ Magazine

Citizen Duane

The man who sent his sled to City Hall

POZ Magazine

Great Shape

In training with sports enthusiast Mark Enos

POZ Magazine

Behind the Briefs

An excerpt from Tarnished Sequins: A Decade of AIDS Fundraising in Hollywood and the Fashion Industry

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Curbing sugar and taking herbs can help stop nagging candida infections

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Drugs of Ill-Repute

Johns Hopkins researchers studied people with HIV for five years tracking the incidence of “adverse events” linked to the use of AIDS drugs.

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In Defense of Sex

Champions of abstinence should also warn against TWA and cheese souffle

POZ Magazine

Babes in Boyland

What’s a nice Jewish girl to do when she can’t find a man? Go shopping!

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A Treatment Named Desire

Hormone therapy can improve your sex life -- so can a more affectionate approach

Condom on Jesse Helms' house

Jesse Helms Must Die

The head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s been taking hostages of his own

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Does Dole Have AIDS?

Bob Dole has not been tested for HIV since receiving a transfusion in 1981, when the virus was rampant in the blood supply.

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Hit by a MAC Treatment

High-dose clarithromycin can kill

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Energy Booster

For PWAs, carnitine is an essential amino

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Loads of Information

The guidelines published below for using viral-load tests were developed by a physicians’ panel of the International AIDS Society-USA.


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