POZ October 2006

POZ October 2006

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Here Comes the Son

Jake Glaser, son of late HIV positive AIDS activist Elizabeth Glaser, shoulders his mother’s legacy of helping children infected with HIV.

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Meet The Grandparents

AIDS stole their parents. Now, the enduring children—some of them HIV positive themselves—are coming of age.


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Feet First

The pins and needles of neuropathy have a toehold on positive people. But new therapies may finally start to untangle the tingles.

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Attention, Class!

The non-nuke category may soon get some support from a new classmate.

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Flu’s Clues

’Tis the season: What’s your flu IQ?

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Gene Genies

Embryonic stem cells fuel a futuristic HIV therapy

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Control Issues

Some curb HIV without meds. Knowing why may help the rest of us

Trainer’s Bench-October 2006

How can I fatten up without getting pudgy—and exercise without losing more?

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The Big Chill

Whether on the job, on a date or hanging with Mom:  How to survive rejection’s cold shoulder

Ask The Sexpert-October 2006

Fast Times at HIV High

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Cash Prizes!

Will the Gates and Buffett bucks deliver a cure?

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Inside Job

Forty-eight years ago, on October 6, my mother was taken to the hospital to bring me into the world.


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False Positives

A baffling new strain of HIV is infecting popular culture: People are lying about their status to guarantee fame and fortune.

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Believe the Hypo

Massachusetts and Delaware stop sticking it to needle exchanges for IV drug users 

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So Sue Me

Will Californians cash in on a case that allows them to sue their suspected infector? 

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Gender Bender

The United Nations looks to the ladies

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Hurricane Liz

Elizabeth Taylor storms into New Orleans with an HIV caravan

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The Little AIDS Club That Could

This prep school clique takes a break from the books and the boys—and gets all mean on the virus.

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I’m Gonna Tell

In the fight against stigma, has Spencer Cox divulged too much information?

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Change Is Good

Michael James spares a dime for the needy—then contracts a need of his own.


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Editor’s Letter-October 2006

We Are Family

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Mailbox-October 2006

I have just read “Barely Legal” (July 2006), about the criminal prosecution of people with HIV.

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Catch Of The Month-October 2006

What’s your relationship mantra? Be honest about who you are and what you need to be happy.


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