POZ October-November 2022

POZ October-November 2022

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Elias Diaz

Latinos are Fighting HIV in the South

Latinos are facing challenges and barriers such as language, immigration status and discrimination.

Abortion demonstration in front of Supreme Court Roe Wade

Protecting Sexual and Reproductive Rights

People living with HIV have much at stake after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Consejos Para Mejorar Tu Salud Sexual

Consejos para mejorar tu salud sexual

Puedes mejorar tu salud sexual de muchas maneras, empezando por cuidar tu salud y bienestar general. Aquí te ofrecemos varios consejos.

Editor’s Letter

Down South

In this special issue dedicated to Latinos, we highlight others who are making their mark.


An ACT UP protest in New York City, March 24, 1988

AIDS as Fact and Fiction

In Rasheed Newson’s debut novel, a Black gay activist comes of age in 1980s New York City.

POZ Planet

People Living With HIV Become Art

The “I Am a Work of ART” campaign promotes viral suppression.

hands reaching up ethnicity

Ending AIDS in Children by 2030

Only half of kids with HIV are currently on treatment.

illustration of a heart

A Positive Heart Transplant

The recipient was a woman in her 60s living with HIV.

Chiina Devanta Tyler

Positively Living

“The only time you lose is when you don’t try,” says Chiina in this HIV profile.

calendar with red pin on 14

Everyday — October/November 2022

These dates represent milestones in the HIV epidemic. Visit to learn more about the history of HIV/AIDS.


three figures in empty room looking at door to clouds painting

Zero Stigma

Here is an edited excerpt of an opinion piece titled “#ZeroHIVStigmaDay: New International Awareness Day Aims to End HIV Stigma"

Thr Positive Lounge at the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2022)

Positive Lounge

Mark S. King explores this feature of the 2022 International AIDS Conference in Montreal.


At New York City’s Queer Liberation March on June 26, Housing Works protested the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v. Wade

Pride Month 2022: A Look at HIV Advocacy Amid LGBTQ Liberation

Whether it was to raise awareness, raise hell or raise funds, LGBTQ people showed up for Pride Month in full force this year


African American Man holding chest pain heart

HIV and Heart Health

People with HIV are at greater risk for a variety of cardiovascular problems.

Nutrition & Fitness

Black Bean & Sautéed Veggie Tacos

Healthy Recipe: Black Bean & Sautéed Veggie Tacos

These tacos have a fabulous shock of color.

illo exercise foot steps walking

How Often Should I Exercise?

This is an excerpt from the “HIV and Exercise” Basics page on

Care & Treatment

black gay couple embrace

PrEP Disparities Are Worsening

Only 8% of PrEP users were women, who account for 18% of new HIV diagnoses.

drone delivery

Could Drones Help Provide HIV Care?

Could drones play a role in getting HIV care to people in hard-to-reach areas?

syringe needle

Long-Acting Injectables May Help With Adherence

For some, it could offer a lifeline.

tubes monkeypox virus

HIV and Monkeypox

The good news is that people with well-controlled HIV do not appear to have worse monkeypox outcomes.

Research Notes

two pair of feet under covers in bed gay

Prevention: Doxy PEP

Taking the antibiotic doxycycline after sex can lower the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), according to a recent study.

sick man covered in blankets holding his head and holding a cup

Treatment: Adherence Risk

One study found that those who reported frequent loneliness were more likely to miss medication doses.

palm trees against colorful sky

Cure: Another Cure?

This case could provide clues to help researchers develop more widely applicable strategies for long-term HIV remission.

illustration covid-19 coronavirus

Concerns: Hep C Treatment

More than 2 million adults in the United States have hepatitis C virus (HCV), and many people living with HIV also have HCV.


Francisco Ruiz

Public Servant

Disclosure is necessary, Francisco Ruiz says, to keep the subject of HIV in the public’s mind.


Elias Diaz

POZ October/November 2022

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