POZ September 2010

POZ September 2010

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Thou Shalt Fear AIDS

Leaders of the ex-gay movement have long used the threat of HIV/AIDS to recruit people struggling with their sexuality. Likewise, parents...

POZ Magazine

Lest We Forget

Portraits taken at the beginning of the HIV epidemic stir up haunting memories of a time when an AIDS diagnosis usually meant an untimely deat...


POZ Magazine

When to START Drugs?

A new study is designed to settle the debate about the optimal time to begin antiretroviral treatment.  

POZ Magazine

You Said It

Taking HIV meds every day can be rough. Here’s how one POZ reader manages.

POZ Magazine

Burn that Belly

A new drug may flatten your tummy.

POZ Magazine

In Sync with ZInc

HIV-positive people who have deficient zinc levels should consider supplements.

POZ Magazine

No Butts About It

Electronic cigarettes can help smokers breathe easier.

POZ Magazine


Taking HIV meds before you get pregnant may protect your newborn best.

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HIV a Best Seller?

A notable nonfiction book has a viral story line.

Considering Cannabis

In states where it is legal, medical marijuana helps some HIV-positive people cope with living their lives.


Ryan White

The Importance of Remembering Ryan White

Why the heroic boy from Indiana is more than just the namesake for the Ryan White CARE Act

POZ Magazine

Insult to Injury

An HIV criminalization bill comes after an “anti-homosexuality” bill in Uganda.

POZ Magazine

World Cup Wrap Up

Condoms and HIV in South Africa

Back-to-School Books

Whether it’s politics, history or English literature, these books can help you make the grade.

POZ Magazine

Angels Redux

Is a revival of the 1993 play dated or much overdue?

POZ Magazine

Crying Uncle

Brothers & Sisters spotlights HIV and aging.

POZ Magazine

Fear & Loathing in Illinois

Do scare tactics in ad campaigns prevent HIV?


POZ Magazine

Editor’s Letter

Holier Than Thou


I was diagnosed with HIV in 1987 and AIDS in 1997. My pets CC (Cecilia Carol), a cat, and Barney, a yellow Lab, kept me alive.

POZ Magazine

Keeping Track

Gerardo L. Angulo has never lost track of his desire to help people and make a difference.


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