POZ is pleased to offer our partners serving the HIV community—absolutely free of charge—a stylish silver-framed POZ health information poster that provides topical HIV information to your clients in the waiting room.

POZ Health Info Poster

Topics planned include:

  • Working With Your Doctor
  • HIV and Your Whole Health
  • Finding Support
  • HIV Treatment Adherence
  • Undetectable = Untransmittable
  • HIV and Aging

POZ health information posters will empower your clients with the information they need to actively engage in their health care. Your organization will benefit by arming your clients with the knowledge they need to survive and thrive with the virus.

  • The POZ health information poster is approximately 2 feet by 3 feet and is easily installed on your wall.
  • The information is showcased in an attractive silver frame that is an appealing visual addition to your waiting area.
  • Our professional installers will place the POZ health information poster in your office.
  • The entire turnkey program requires no effort or ongoing maintenance on your part.
  • Beginning in August 2021, posters will be availabe in both English and Spanish. Indicate your interest in Spanish posters on the signup forms below.

Choose one of these three options to secure one for your office:

Check out this slideshow to see how some of our partners are using their posters.

Thank you for considering the POZ health information poster. We welcome the opportunity to provide this valuable resource to your clients.

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