Here are the 20 most horrifying news stories on in 2011 as selected by the editors of POZ (items are not ranked, but placed in chronological order):

“It’s Never Just HIV” Campaign Divides AIDS Activists

Posted: January 5

HIV-Positive Virginia Man Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison

Posted: January 18

David Kato, Ugandan LGBT Activist, Beaten to Death
Posted: January 27

Brothers Indicted for HIV Fraud Top Health Care Fugitives
Posted: February 4

HIV Transmitted From Kidney Transplant in NYC
Posted: March 17

NYC Public School Principal Accused of AIDS Smear

Posted: March 25

June 5 Marks 30 Years of AIDS

Posted: June 5

27 Hate Murders in 2010 of LGBT, HIV-Affected People
Posted: July 21

Poor People Eating Cow Dung With HIV Meds in Swaziland
Posted: July 29

Canadian Court Rules HIV-Positive Man “Dangerous Offender”

Posted: August 3

DC Seeks $1M From Nightclub Renovated With HIV Funds

Posted: August 31

23 Children in India Test HIV Positive After Blood Transfusions
Posted: September 16

Young People Worldwide Know Less About Condoms
Posted: September 28

HIV Group Used Public Money to Trick Out Hummer
Posted: September 30

Man Found Guilty of Transmitting HIV Despite Informing Partner
Posted: October 17

U.K. Pastors’ HIV Prayer “Cure” Causes 3 Deaths
Posted: October 19

Hypochondriac Commits Suicide Believing She Had HIV
Posted: November 18

Penn. School Sued for Rejecting HIV-Positive Boy
Posted: December 1

Jury Convicts NYC Physician in HIV Medicaid Scam
Posted: December 9

HIV Stigma Among Gay Men Remains Widespread
Posted: December 9

UPDATE - Here’s one more posted after this list was compiled:

Congress Bans Federal Funding for Needle Exchange Programs
Posted: December 19

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