Here are the treatment news stories with the most views this year:

1. PrEP Fails in Gay Man Adhering to Daily Truvada, He Contracts Drug-Resistant HIV
Posted: February 25

2. What Is Chronic Inflammation and Why Is It Such a Big Deal for People With HIV?
Posted: April 5

3. Second Man Contracts Rare HIV Strain While Adhering to PrEP
Posted: October 19

4. Media Outlets Falsely Claim That a Cure for HIV May Be Only Three Years Away
Posted: April 4

5. Does Undetectable Mean Uninfectious? The Challenge of Explaining HIV Study Results
Posted: July 26

6. New Study Finds HIV Reservoir May Endure Longer Than Previously Thought
Posted: November 23

7. FDA Approves Gilead’s HIV Tablet Odefsey, an Updated Version of Complera
Posted: March 1

8. Is Charlie Sheen Pining After the Wrong Clinical Trial of Long-Acting HIV Meds?
Posted: March 9

9. Researchers Edit HIV Out of Infected Cells
Posted: March 25

10. First U.S. Public Health Official Endorses “Negligible Risk” When Undetectable
Posted: August 12

11. Long-Acting Antibody Successfully Combats Drug-Resistant HIV
Posted: November 17

12. 8-Week Long-Acting Injectable HIV Treatment Succeeds, is Moving to Advanced Trials
Posted: February 26

13. FDA OKs Gilead’s Descovy, a Safer Version of Truvada, for HIV Treatment Only (Not for PrEP)
Posted: April 4

14. Promising Monkey Study Prompts Early Human Trial of HIV Cure
Posted: October 13

15. Gay Men’s HIV Prevalence Varies Widely by City and State, With the South Hit Hard
Posted: May 17

16. HIV Spreads Through the Body Much Faster Than Previously Thought
Posted: April 3

17. HIV Ages Cells by Five Years
Posted: May 4

18. It May Be Possible to Take Atripla Just Three Times a Week
Posted: July 12

19. HIV Antibody 3BNC117 Delays Viral Rebound, Could Be Component of Cure
Posted: June 28

20. Zero HIV Transmissions in Major San Francisco PrEP Program
Posted: August 4

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