This July the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) is coming to Washington, DC. We recently asked what you thought about the conference and if you are planning to attend. While we were a bit surprised to learn that a little more than half of our readers were unaware that AIDS 2012 will be held in DC, we weren’t surprised that reducing stigma and improving access to care topped your list of priorities for the conference. Read more of your responses below and check out—a special new section on where you can learn more about AIDS 2012 and become involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

    • 86% of POZ readers believe it is very important for President Obama to speak at the conference.

    • 81% of POZ readers believe it is very important that AIDS 2012 is being held in the United States.

    • 95% of POZ readers believe it is very important for the AIDS Memorial Quilt to be displayed on the National Mall during the conference.

    • 88% said they would participate in a demonstration at AIDS 2012 that focused on access to health care.

  • Top 3 Issues Facing The Domestic Fight Against HIV/AIDS:
    1. Lack of access to care and treatment
    2. HIV-related stigma
    3. Inadequate funding and resources
  • Top 3 Issues That AIDS 2012 Should Address:
    1. Increasing access to care and treatment
    2. Destigmatizing HIV/AIDS
    3. Spending more money on cure research
    • 16% of POZ readers have previously attended an International AIDS Conference.

    • 28% of POZ readers plan to go to Washington, DC for AIDS 2012.

    • Who Are You Going With?
      44% on your own
      21% on behalf of an advocacy organization
      21% with friends or family
      14% other

  • Why Are You Not Going?
    50% can’t afford it
    21% live too far away
    10% work conflict
    19% other