It might be wintertime outside, but summer camp was the theme of One Heartland’s cocktail fund-raiser for the Birch Family Camp, a retreat for New York City children and families living with HIV. The event, held Friday, November 20, at Open House Lofts in Manhattan, included a cocktail reception, s’mores made indoors over candles, music and dancing by DJ Stacey Stylez and a raffle of swanky prizes.

The event’s proceeds go to the Birch Family Camp, a free weeklong summer retreat in the Hudson Valley that annually hosts about 90 low-income families (200 people) from New York City that have members living with HIV/AIDS. Throughout the year, the nonprofit organization helps people connect with medical information and deal with HIV disclosure, prevention, education, testing and related issues.

One Heartland, a national nonprofit group that helps children and families affected by HIV/AIDS, runs a camping and care facility specifically for this community. It’s called Camp Heartland and is in Minnesota.

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