Cover: POZ goes on location in Lyon, France, for dancer and choreographer Bill T. Jones. Inside: Profiles on Visual AIDS director Patrick O’Connell, New York City restaurateur Florent Morellet and the explicit, gay sex documentary Sex Is…. Plus: A look at the reemergence of tuberculosis as a public health threat and the rise of home HIV testing kits.


Cover: A peek inside the curious closets of artist Barton Lidice Bene—you never know what or whom you’ll find. Inside: Puerto Rican officials are accused of embezzling federal AIDS funds; how to prevent parasites—and treat them. Plus: Special summer fiction: a short story on love and loss by Richard McCann.


Cover: Chloe Dzubilo leads a revolt against high HIV rates among transgender people and the medical community’s snickering disdain. Inside: A look at the biggest HIV/AIDS demonstration in a decade: against the Bush administration’s abstinence-only prevention programs and lack of new AIDS funding. Plus: How open dialogue helped curb HIV rates in Uganda.



Cover: The inspiring story of 15-year-old rapper Noah Mushimiyimana, who journeyed from Rwanda to the bright lights of American Idol thanks to Keep a Child Alive. Inside: Images from photographer Kristen Ashburn’s book I Am Because We Are, which documents AIDS among African children. Plus: Tips for getting meds while behind bars.


Cover: How Antonio Muñoz fought back—and won—when his bosses treated him unfairly because of his HIV status. Inside: Instructions for filing an HIV discrimination case and a look at other legal tools available to you. Plus: A timeline of HIV discrimination cases and related laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act.