Transplant Tragedies
The article “The Right to Give Life” (March 2012) examined current federal laws that ban HIV-positive people from donating their organs to other people living with the virus.

This is an amazing story. I understand the concerns, but if two [positive] people are in a relationship [and one wants to donate to the other] then it should be their choice. What happened to the amendment that gives us freedom to make decisions in our own health care?


If there was something I could donate today, I would. And when I die it would be such a waste not to use every part of my body to help others. Use it all. Hell, take the bones home to your dog. OK, bad [joke]—but let my death be worth something.

Michael Morris
St. Petersburg, FL

Through Love and Death
In “The House That Love Built” (March 2012), we profiled Joseph’s House, a Washington, DC, hospice originally created for homeless men living with HIV.

You communicated the heart and soul of Joseph’s House in your article. What moved me was how close you allowed your own true self to get—to individuals, to the house, to mystery itself. By allowing vulnerability and transparency for yourself, your story about Joseph’s House becomes so simple and accessible and—true. It’s our story. We are one.

Patricia Wudel
Washington, DC

Not So Sweet
In our POZ Exclusive “Protesters Against Hershey Company Hit Times Square Store” (March 14, 2012), we explored the outcry against Milton Hershey School’s decision to reject a 13-year-old student because of his HIV-positive status. The private boarding school operates independently but is managed by the Hershey Trust Company, and protesters wanted to hold the candy maker accountable.

I am so proud of this young man, and I am so ashamed and disappointed in the behavior of Hershey. No more of their products in my house. A special thanks is in order for all who reach out to this young man, and to those who are working to show what an injustice this is.

Kendrick Davis
St. Louis

I love Hershey’s chocolate. But after reading this article, I will never buy one single chocolate from them, ever.

New York City