POZ June 2012

POZ June 2012

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POZ Army

The POZ Army: How We End AIDS Together

This summer, thanks to a rare confluence of events, the HIV/AIDS community will have an extraordinary opportunity to help save more lives.

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Criminal Injustice

HIV criminalization laws do little to stem the epidemic or protect public health. Instead, they often backfire and discourage people from bein...

From the Editor

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Reignite the Fight

When exactly did those of us living with HIV stop fighting for our lives? 


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Letters- June 2012

You communicated the heart and soul of Joseph’s House in your article.


Julie Rhoad, president and CEO of The NAMES Project Foundation, talks with Regan Hofmann, editor-in-chief of POZ, about returning the Quilt to DC this summer.

Uncommon Threads

Julie Rhoad leverages the power of the AIDS Memorial Quilt to usher in a new era of AIDS advocacy. (Watch video.)

What You Need to Know

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A Graduate Degree in Condoms

Not surprisingly, the banana method—you know the one used in sex education classes to teach students how to properly put on a condom—is...

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The Normal Heart on Tour

Following its Tony Award-winning Broadway debut in 2011, The Normal Heart, a semiautobiographical 1985 play by Larry Kramer, founder of ACT UP...

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A Bang for Your Buck

Teenage women are less likely to use condoms if their primary source of spending money comes from their boyfriends.

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The Odds May Not Be in Your Favor if You Don’t Know Your Status

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that there are 1.2 million people with HIV in the United States and that there...

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Further Adventures in the Origin of AIDS

Mystery of where AIDS came from solved? Not so fast.

POZ Survey Says

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What Will You Do to End AIDS?

We asked you what you’d be willing to do to end the epidemic, and your responses are below.

What Matters to You

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The Implementation of the Affordable Care Act

In March, the Supreme Court heard six hours of testimony regarding the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act..

Treatment News

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Chasing the Cure

Crowds flooded the “pathways toward a cure” session at the 19th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Seattle...

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More Black Women Die From AIDS

In the United States, HIV-positive black women are twice as likely as their white counterparts to die of AIDS.

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Can HIV-Positive People Get the Shingles Vax?

Since 2006, a vaccination has been available for shingles, the painful skin and nerve damage caused by the chickenpox virus (varicella zoster,...

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Drop Condoms on the Red Carpet, Not in Criminal Court

We applauded when actor Zac Efron let a condom fall out of his pocket onto the red carpet at the premiere of his movie Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax in...

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GMHC Treatment Issues June 2012

The State of ADAP: Improvements and stresses continue 

Comfort Zone

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Mobile Health

Keeping track of the intricacies of your health can sometimes feel like a full-time jo

POZ Heroes

The Artist

He never imagined it would lead to the creation of the most iconic slogan of the AIDS movement.


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