1. Ask the mail-order pharmacy for a point person (with an individual phone number) to oversee all your prescriptions.
  2. If you’re forced to use two different pharmacies, have your doctor monitor drug interactions vigilantly, and tell both pharmacists about all your meds.
  3. Registering new prescriptions by mail takes about two weeks. Get permission to fill a month’s supply at your local pharmacy while you wait. (If the mail-order supply is for 90 days, the extra ’script must allow at least two refills.)
  4. If delivery requires a signature but you might not be home, have your meds sent elsewhere—your doctor’s office, say, or a local clinic.
  5. If your meds are late, get an “override” to fill that month’s supply locally.
  6. Before the shipment date, call the mail-order company to verify all medications and doses—and your address.
  7. Get tracking numbers to monitor the packages.