21. Chris Collins As vice president and director of public policy of amfAR, Collins is a well-known face and force on Capitol Hill. Genteel, laser-focused and diplomatic, he is one to watch as the political environment gets ever more heated. He is one of the main reasons HIV/AIDS has the political prominence it does today up on the Hill.

22. Humberto Cruz The director of the NYS Department of Health AIDS Institute, a member of PACHA, founding member of NASTAD, former member of the NYC HIV Health and Human Services Planning Council, Cruz harkens from the early days; he lends his wisdom and power to advance today’s ever-evolving agenda at the national, state and local levels.

23. Julie Davids Formerly the codirector for the Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP), Davids nearly single-handedly revitalized the HIV/AIDS community at its roots. Sadly, CHAMP’s doors closed recently-proof positive that HIV/AIDS is not overfunded, as some claim. Luckily, two of her CHAMP programs-Project Unshackle and the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance- have been absorbed by other agencies, and she will solider on. Hopefully, soon, she’ll be a general again.

24. Shawn Decker This HIV educator, along with his wife Gwenn Barringer, tells youth all over America how not to become a “positoid”-his classically media-savvy term for people living with HIV.

25. Lynda Dee A founder of the AIDS Treatment Activist Coalition and AIDS Action Baltimore, Dee is a sassy, tough-talking broad (in the best sense of the word) whose candor and courage are inspiring and highly influential.

26. Dázon Dixon Diallo, MPH As founder and president of SisterLove Inc., the first women’s HIV/AIDS organization in the Southeastern United States, Diallo is a constant on the scene of sisters helping sisters.

27. N.Y. State Senator Tom Duane An openly HIV-positive American politician who fights tirelessly for the rights of people with HIV. Need we say more?

28. Gregory Edwards As executive director of the Flowers Heritage Foundation, Edwards sees to it that low-income, minority, uninsured people living with HIV get access to their meds-even if they’re on an AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) waiting list. Under his watch, people need not die in America because they lack treatment.

29. Sergio Farfan The cofounder of the Louisiana Latino Health Coalition for HIV/AIDS Awareness gets it done down in the Delta where life is a real challenge, particularly for people with HIV/AIDS.

30. Kandy Ferree As president and CEO of the National AIDS Fund, Ferree wields her foundation’s millions to build partnerships with corporations, national organizations and other foundations looking to strengthen and sustain HIV/AIDS prevention and care services. Super smart, bold and funny, she’s partial to innovative public-private partnerships that empower community-level decision making. If she’s funding it, keep your eye on it.

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