Two of the most worthwhile AIDS-related television programs can be had on just one night, on just one station this month. Two specials having distinctly different tones and approaches still manage to capture the spirit of AIDS to great effect. The shows will be aired back-to-back nationally on PBS on April 12.

The first, AIDS Research: The Story So Far, looks at the most current efforts to treat, cure and prevent AIDS. The special investigates the achievements, setbacks and continuing challenges in the battle against AIDS. AIDS Research examines current scientific efforts to develop new drugs and to create a safe, effective vaccine; it will also highlight attempts to learn why HIV affects individuals in different ways.

Premiering immediately after AIDS Research, is a moving special entitled After Goodbye: An AIDS Story. this show looks at the toll AIDS has taken on the Dallas’ turtle Creek chorale which has lost 60 of its once 200 members to AIDS over the past decade. The program shows the continual process of grief and healing the chorale members go through as they prepare for a performance.